17.5" Tires and wheels 


16" Trailer tires and wheels

17.5" ST 215/75R17.5" 16-pl triangle trailer tire mounted on a super single silver wheel with a 8x6.5 bolt pattern.

( same bolt pattern as the 16" trailer wheels have) 

These wheels are made so you can upgrade from your 16" trailer tires and wheels to 17.5" trailer tires and wheels with ease. 

Same offset as 16" wheels. 

Upgrade to 215/75/17.5 16 ply tires today for only 244.43 free shipping or pick up locally for $200.00

We keep in stock two brands of tires in the 17.5" tires. You can pick which one you would like. 

Triangle or Trailfinder HT

--- "If you are hauling a lot of weight consistently, these are the tires for you! Save money by upgrading today. 

I guarantee you 70,000 miles or i'll replace them for FREE"--- Kaleb Carter, Owner, Trailer Parts Unlimited 

Wholesale prices available 

I also have the 235/75/17.5 18-ply  trailer tires of you want even more hauling capacity! Rated at 6005 lbs per tire! Call or txt me for details and best price available! These retail anywhere from 400-700 dollars a piece and I sale them to you for only 250 a piece tire and wheel mounted ( when you call me) 

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​Trailer Parts Unlimited

17.5" inch Tires and wheels. 215/75R17.5 16-ply Radial Tires and 235/75R17.5 18-ply Radial Tires on Super single 17.5" wheels or 17.5" Dual wheels. Wholesale prices available on all 17.5" tires and wheels Huntsville, Texas

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